DAmico Wholesale is a wholesale goods distributor. We buy direct and pass the savings onto the customer. The wholesale business evolved from our original retail business, Pechin Superfoods Market. Pechin commenced business in the year 1947. It originated in the basement of the house that still stands today, now occupied by Rendu Services.  

Pechin grew to what became known as Pechin Shopping Village. Pechin was proudly written about in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, economic texts, The National Enquirer and many other publications. It was not only written about but it was also the topic of television programs. When Pechin was created, the Great Depression had ravaged the economy and families. The DAmico family wanted to provide the local hard working wonderful families with goods at a low price so that their families could not only eat but eat well. They wanted no man, woman or child to be hungry. It was with this need, dream, loyal hard working employees and the toil and sacrifices of the DAmico Family that they built and grew Pechin.

In 2005 Pechin left the location where it was developed and moved to The Laurel Mall where it is currently located. The buildings where Pechin grew burned down in 2006, it was a devastating loss.

After the fire and some time had passed this is where the DAmico Family decided to create DAmico Wholesale. It has been an evolution of sorts. The same dream still holds true today and we hope to prosper and keep the dream alive for many generations to come.
Thank you for your interest in Pechin and DAmico Wholesale and we hope to become