Our Goal

Your Everyday Savings Warehouse

We want to build on the same concept that had made Pechin a success; hard work, dedication, buying direct and to pass on the savings.

The difference between Pechin and DAmico Wholesale is that the wholesale customer purchases by the case except on some instances we will allow by the piece.

You will be able to purchase product the following ways:  ​


When you buy local you support your community in abundance. The ways are not only fruitful for you but the community as a whole. You save by spending here. Not only do you save money but the dynamics involved in your decision to shop locally are profound. You know the owners and they know you. You are not just a number, we know your name. Our crew knows what you buy and how often and they truly care about your happiness. Your kids probably go to school with ours and you might be our neighbor. We could worship in the same churches.

We want to provide a one stop shop for independently owned stores, restaurants and bars, church groups, party planners and any person who would like to buy items in bulk and save money.

We want to offer a convenient way to purchase and to save you valuable time.

We want to not only to give an expedited service, but even just as important, at an incredible savings.



DAmico Wholesale is a wholesale goods distributor. We buy direct and pass the savings onto the customer. The wholesale business evolved from our original retail business, Pechin Superfoods Market. Pechin commenced business in the year 1947. It originated in the basement of the house that still stands today, now occupied by Rendu Services.

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What is DAmico Wholesale

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Origin of How We Started